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We've added some fun apparel for riders to wear under your gear. Check out our shop to see what we have in stock.


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We're sharing our honest take on riding with a sense of humor, whenever possible.


Busy in the Studio

Designing motorcycle gear is a process. We hope to present our concepts for testing soon.



Moto Armata was founded in 2018 as a motorcycle blog and apparel brand on the US East Coast. 

Our goal is to bring attention to future riders by recognizing female ridership, and encouraging new riders to ride. Though female-centric, we believe in using a common interest in motorcycle culture as a way to bridge gaps.

Encouraging riders to gear up with motorcycle armor is another goal we're working towards, hence our name. Currently, we're testing a few ideas in the studio. Stay tuned to see what we may have for you in the future.


Apparel for Bikers

We have some fun stuff for you over at our shop.


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