Motorcycles and T-Shirts

We're trying something new at Moto Armata.

Biker Uniform

Motorcycles and t-shirts, they go hand in hand. Harley Davidson’s 80’s concert t-shirt looking graphics. The ubiquitous and unoriginal “If you can read this, the bitch fell off” shirt. (I hate that one with a passion, btw.) Basic black T’s… they’ve made up the biker uniform for decades now.

I have to admit, I have a drawer full of motorcycle-related t-shirts. That puts me dangerously close to being a basic biker bitch. Not really, well… maybe… a bit friendly on those vintage Hondas.

I'll be looking for something new to ride this spring, btw. I'll keep you posted as I test ride a few to find my perfect match. It's kinda like speed-dating, but with motorcycles.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow

Anyhow, I’m trying something new here at Moto Armata. It all started with this shot of a little vintage ’73 Honda CB350 engine. It’s from the bike I learned to ride on all those years ago. It's the purple Honda in the photo above, I loved that little bike!

While it was up on blocks getting a total rebuild, I couldn’t help but see a cranky face in the exhaust ports. So I took a photo, and then ended up making a little caricature of these Siamese twins debating the term “Suck Squeeze Bang Blow”.

To explain, if you haven’t heard this term before, it's a simple way to describe the 4 cycles of a combustion engine. Suck: it sucks in a gas and air mixture. Squeeze: it compresses the mixture and with a spark… Bang!: it ignites. Then Blow: it blows the exhaust out. I thought it was hilarious.

I thought I’d be the only one to find it hilarious, but a friend suggested that I make it into a t-shirt. So here I am. Now, I have a couple of motorcycle t-shirts to add to the drawers of any bikers who may find this hilarious.

Check out the Moto Armata shop. Tell me what you think.

Update: Our shop is closed for the time-being as we navigate these trying times. We hope to be up-and-running soon! Until then, be well, be safe, and ride more.

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