Over and Out: A Lady-Brappin' Good Time

I came across Over and Out back in December 2017 at the International Motorcycle Show in NYC. While the bikes are stored away, the IMS is a welcome event during the coldest time of year. I saw a couple of mud-encrusted dirt bikes next to a small stage so I gravitated towards the small crowd to see what the talk would be about.

I thought, “Ooo, world travelers… something I always aspired to do… one day… when I learn how to ride in dangerous terrain… and get in top shape… ha ha. But seriously, I always wanted to learn this skill so the talk had my ears perked.

"Just Go Over It!"

Anyhow, speaker Kelly McDaughey took the stage to talk about her experiences riding dirt bikes. She talked about how she always rides with men, and how guys relate to women riders. Guys are good mentors, but often, she said, she would want more of an explanation than, “Just go over it.”

She gave the example that she would ask, “How can I start to ride faster?” And her significant other would gesture sarcastically… “twist the throttle”… and she would roll her eyes.

I instantly could relate. I’m always riding with the guys and getting the same kind of advice. “Just go over it!” I try, I fall over, I go swimming with the bike in a swampy deep puddle. It’s not their fault, though.

Guys riding dirt bikes most likely had the opportunity to learn when they were young boys. It was rare that girls were encouraged to ride dirt bikes back in the 70’s and 80’s (I’m dating myself a bit). Yet here we were, women of all ages listening to Kelly’s story, thinking about seriously learning to ride off-road.

Kelly’s idea is to encourage other women to ride off road, and to actually give good advice and a bit of female-mentorship without all the sarcasm. She’s putting together her first event, Over and Out, which is a ladies-only campout and riding extravaganza on the East Coast.

The weekend riding event will take place at the Bear Creek Sportsmen riding club in Hancock, NY. They graciously partnered with Over and Out to provide a place to ride on their private property. This is awesome because it’s near impossible to find a place to legally ride off road in New York State!

The Over and Out Concept

The concept of Over and Out is to introduce all experience levels and types of dirt bike riding to our East Coast ladies. Over is about literally riding over the mountain on the property through woods trails, and Out is about riding out and around on street legal dual sport bikes.  There will be places to ride on grass trails and some intro classes for beginners. Here are the 3 categories of riding the weekend will provide:

For Novice Riders:

  • 1-hour group lesson all-levels, bike provided if you don’t have your own

  • Miles of grass tracks, fields, marked woods loops on-site

  • Mini-mx track

  • BYO trail or dirt bike appropriate for a novice, mini bikes are welcome


  • For intermediate to advanced

  • Marked woods loops on-site

  • 2-hour guided advanced group ride

  • BYO trail bikes, enduro, full knobbies (dirt tires) required

Dual Sport:

  • For street legal dual sport or adventure bike with on/off road tires

  • Mapped routes sponsored by Rev’It to explore off-site

  • BYO plated and registered bikes, you must be licensed and adhere to state law

In addition, there will be raffles and other fun activities all weekend. I can’t wait to try this! I’m not sure where I fall in the spectrum of novice to intermediate rider, since I myself just started riding dirt bikes only a couple of years ago, and have never ridden as a young girl. I’m sure by the end of the weekend, I’ll have a better idea of what I can do to improve my riding skills, all while meeting some other women who are interested in this sport. It should be a blast!

The event will take place June 22 - June 24, 2018 While tickets are still available, you can sign up here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/over-and-out-womens-dirt-bike-campout-tickets-43636202055

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